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Matt York smashing his pb for 2017
The Speed King!
What a session for Starboard Team Rider Matt York. He smashed 5x10s runs at a 44.93 average, which put him 1st in the British Speed Challenge, and 2nd in the World for 2017!
Matt was using the Starboard Luderitz w44. Which as Matt says "loves it broad and proved it today, leaving some top guys in my wake!"
Nice work Matt!

Posted 1/24/2017
first time on the new 2016 starboard isonic w44

Posted 10/23/2016
first time on the new 2016 starboard isonic w44

Posted 10/23/2016
west kirby in may 2016

Posted 10/23/2016
weymouth speed week 2016

Posted 10/23/2016
K4 mount action ,great angle

Posted 10/23/2016
West Kirby

Posted 9/20/2015
NWF speed challange 2015
The inaugural NWF Speed Challenge was held on the 18-19th April, hosted by the Official Test Centre (OTC) with a promising forecast of lots of sun and good winds, but sadly not being in the best direction (easterly which brings in big rolling swell throughout the harbour) so we always knew this was not going to be the normal S/W Portland speed strip.


Saturday morning arrived with sun and winds blowing 20 knots with waves rolling across the course as predicted. It was going to be a tricky day with the forecast pretty much staying solid 20-30 knots easterly so it was time to rig up and get motivated. My weapons of choice were my point 7 ac1 7.2m sail and my Starboard ISonic 90, equipped with a Drake R2R DW36 carbon fin I was then suited and booted and ready to race!


The NWF speed challenge wasn’t just about the fastest peak speed but also the fastest 10s and 250m, which in really choppy conditions was enough, with a double dip tide to contend with, it was a case of ‘Get out as soon as you can!’


On my first run I quickly realised this wasn’t going to be easy, there was no problem getting onto the plane, it was more of an issue keeping the fin and board in contact with the water. If you can imagine coming off the back of the 3 to 4’ swell at 30 plus knots, fin control and keeping the board straight was going to be the biggest challenge for sure and after a couple of runs the conditions seemed to get a bit easier with the falling tide. The massive swell gradually became a bit more manageable, not flat by any means but 2-3 foot so you kind of tried to wave sail down the face to get more speed.


I remember one run where I was following a fellow sailor down the course, thinking that I was gaining on him and that it could be quick. I wasn’t sure if I covered the 250m before I popped off the back of a wave in a classic speed crash, obviously not concentrating enough with the tide residing quickly due to the big springs so low water made the water state much better. With a very low tide we stopped for lunch and a quiet tune up.


In the afternoon the wind strength and direction had changed, there was more south in it so a change of board was in order, it was time to get my Starboard ISonic 107 out with a 38 gasoline fin, this turned out to be a great combo as the 2015 ISonic 107 is an awesome board, even with my 95 kilos on it. It works ideally with 7m up to a 8.6m.


It was now back to the speed challenge with the course being moved out further into the harbour, we were running along the swell, which was a lot easier, still a challenge for sure but not as much as the morning session. With a lot of runs in the bag it was Day 1 over. Lots of people had an awesome day, it was great to see so many kids out there flying along.


After a tired and challenging day the results were in, totally stoked with the 4th fastest 10s and the 6th fastest 250m - that’s not bad when you think that half the guys above me are locals and top racers. Obviously I was pretty stoked with that so it was time to chill out and a have a beer.


Sunday - Day 2 of the NWF speed challenge:


The winds were still fairly strong first thing but they were due to drop rapidly as the day went on, however, the sun was blazing through my camper window so it was time for a quick cuppa and to get rigged. After checking the  forecast I decided to rig a 7.m (kindly loaned to me by Allan Cross) as my new point 7 ac1s was stuck in Customs awaiting clearance. After the briefing it was straight out to catch as much of the wind as I could, knowing it was dropping every second. I just about managed a couple of runs on the 7.8 before the wind died. I decided to head in and change up again to a 9.5m sail (another Al Cross special) and to my Starboard Isonic 130 and BPF 47.5. I hit the water once again, keeping an eye on the falling tide as big fins and a very low tide don’t mix very well. It was the best decision I had made all day, the 9.5m sail was super powerful, giving me massive lift and drive to get me flying down the course. With the course due to close by midday, I had just enough time to make a few good runs.


The guys from the NWF team and the OTC did an amazing job, with clinics from Zara Davis, Pete Young, Kev Greenslade and Steve Thorpe. It was a great turn out from the young and old, families included. All of this held at the best and longest speed sailing venue, Weymouth, home of speed sailing. There was a great atmosphere, lots of banter and everybody was in high spirits. The sun was shining over us all weekend which made it a pleasant weekend for spectators and competitors alike.


To be honest, at prize giving, I had no idea of the results as it was a two day event and both days speeds counted. With my persistence in the light winds I had bagged the fastest speed on Sunday. My average for the whole weekend was good enough so I came first overall. It was close though with less than a knot between the top two speeds.


Still buzzing as I write this report, Id like to thank the National Watersports Festival (NWF) and the OTC for running this awesome event which I hope gains momenteum each year, as this event is not just for the dedicated speed sailor. Its aim is to attract the intermediate free riders with its user friendly categories for families, techno and even no cam class, making it very assessable to all abilities and ages.


Big thanks to my sponsors Starboard, Point 7, Robinhood Watersports, Rockerline clothing, Black Project Fins and A&D signs who have assisted me greatly in order to gain my first event win.


Matt York

  www.K61.co.uk <http://www.k61.co.uk/>

Posted 4/21/2015
www.gps-speed.co.uk is back :)
Matty York
Andy Holland
Farrel O'Shea
Tristan Haskins

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Posted 1/18/2015
top ten in the world :)

Posted 1/15/2015
nice feature in blackprojectfins blog

Matt smashes his PB with XLS 19cm speed prototype at West Kirby

BPF Blog, Matt York, Speed, Type X, Windsurf Blog, World Speed Record

by admin

2015 is already producing some good speeds, UK based speed sailor Matty York (Starboard, Point 7, Black Project) reports after smashing his personal best with one of our prototype speed fins.



West Kirby (UK) 10th January 2015 

“The forecast for Scotland was 100mph winds, so we where hoping it would be windy a little further south, we were not disappointed. Following a challenging drive up to West Kirby in Liverpool, with 40-50 knot winds blowing my big van all over the place we arrived to be greeted by 50 + knot winds :) I had never seen Kirby this windy before, you could hardly stand up and a couple of the guys were already out there smashing it. Record conditions were short lived as it went too broad, we waited and waited, by 2pm it swung back towards the west and was perfect for the last few hours.

With my 5m Point 7 AC1 rigged ready for action and my Starboard speed W44 I needed to choose a fin and it seemed like a great opportunity to try the XLS 19 prototype Chris had sent me recently. All tooled up I hit the water, first run down the wall wasn’t epic, stuff not right like harness lines etc., but soon in the grove. The second run was super smooth ,the XLS 18 felt sold, the acceleration was awesome like driving a formula one car… for a few seconds it all felt light and is I was in slow motion.. stopping now that was harder in the rolling chop at the end of the run and I exploded, all ok but the 5m took a beating so I was forced back to shore to rig the 5.6 which was way too big but I wanted more and there was no way i was giving in after initially hitting a 46.92 knot 2s peak speed and a 45 knot 10s run. i needed a few more 42 plus 10s to up my average .. so with a 5.6 and the 19cm XLS I hit the water again. 

I thought that i might have been under finned for a 5.6m but all good and confidence was high. Banging out a few more runs before dark , 45/44/43knots I ended up with a massive 43.knot average …super stoked about that and I put my new PBs down to an epic fin (and me of course ), the waiting period begins again and I cannot wait to try this combination again.” Matty York 



The XLS is an experimental fin which was initially conceived for the Luderitz channel, Matty was using the 19cm symmetrical version which is optimized for 46 knot averages.


XLS 52 (16.5) Tuttle TBC 5.0 – 5.5 41 – 44cm
XLS 50 (17.3) Tuttle TBC 5.0 – 5.7 42 – 46cm
XLS 48 (18.0) Tuttle TBC 5.5 – 6.0 43 – 48cm
XLS 46 (19.0) Tuttle TBC 5.5 – 6.3 44 – 50cm


Matt is now ranked #7 on the 2015 GPS world rankings, let see if he can hold or better his position in the months ahead! View details of his session here>>


Whether you are a serious speed sailor or weekend GPS warrior we have the tools to help you get the most out of your session, please contact us to discuss your needs.


More to follow…


Posted 1/15/2015
photos from speedweek 2014

Posted 11/17/2014
weymouth 2014

been a busy year 2014 , not much going on at the begining of the year couple of sessions at west kirby ,then a bit of a lull , new sails were late arriving also ,not getting here till july :(

southend speed event in may was good , windy sunny ,perfect if you had all your sails ,i had a 6.3m 2013 ac1 ,not much good when it was blowing 40 knots plus , jim crossley won the event with an awesome 500m of 44 knots 

weymouth speedweek in oct 2014 was good too , wind every day except friday (last day) good compation , ended up 5th in gold fleet and 15th fastest windsurfer by the end of the week ..

also had the honour of being sponsored by an up and coming clothes company www.ROCKERLINE.co.uk , great t shirts,hoodys, hats,etc ..great quality stuff and designs , keep watching for the k61 signiture top

so far a good year , not loads of wind ,hopefully a windy winter ,fingers crossed 

hang loose :)

Posted 11/16/2014
photo from weymouth speed week 2014

thanks to pete davis for the photos

Posted 11/16/2014
photos from speedweek 2014

Posted 11/16/2014

super stoked to be part of the starboard uk speed team 

looking forward to the winter winds now so i can prove my worth and get my w44 speedboard flying

thanks again starboard




Posted 11/21/2013

also super stoked to be using mormaii wetsuits 

excellent flexible neoprene ,prefer for comfort and time on the water 

looking forward to trying my new windsurfing wetsuit out 


 many thanks to 





Posted 11/21/2013
west kirby 19th sept 2013

what an awesome day Cool

had a stinking cold but with no wind for months ,when the call came that west kirby was going off i had to go 

arrived early after a 3hr drive ,not many there on arrival but they soon came 

after a few runs at 38 knots i thought crap here we go all this effort for nothing , then the next run was spot on felt good ,comfortable and nicely powered up , looked at the gps and bang 43.?? then again 43?? then 43.91 awesome by this time my energy was very low ,but still carried on till 3.00 , 90% of my runs were above the 40 knots , and after what seamed a long long drive home , i downloaded my results and was soo happy to move up the uk gps ranking to 8th position 

great day need more of these 

Posted 11/17/2013
weymouth speedweek 2013

weymouth speed week 2013 

in summary a great week of wind sailed almost every day 

begining of the week wasnt great light winds 9m most days big board 133 isonic , didnt really do any good ,

wednesday looked to be the best day , good winds early wednesday morning ,good direction sw , sadly i rigged to small 6.3 hoping it was winder than it was :(

in hind sight i should have been on a 7m from the start ,got a few runs in around 32 knots but missed the best of it due to to smaller sail 

thursday / friday better results for me , top ten both days but no better speeds ,

finished 24th windsurfer 

good week great croud ,until next year 

Posted 11/17/2013
super happy to have Mormaii wetsuits supporting me

very happy to be using mormaii wetsuits ,massive thanks to the uk importer zerogravity for sorting a deal out with the awesome wetsuit company 

look forward to using and promoting there products 

Posted 11/17/2013
weymouth 17th august 2013

finally some wind arrived , sat 17th  august after a long hot summer with no real wind it was great to get out on the water again ,although i had to drive 3hrs to get to weymouth as it had the best forcast for getting some speed on 

after leaving northampton at 5am we arrived at weymouth ,a quick stop off at morrisons for a proper full english breakfast and it was off to portland .

with my wife marcia and a couple of mates from northampton , curly ,pete,harry. we arrived at the beach first impressions was ...mmm wheres the wind !!

but it filled in and we had an awesome day 

the Point-7 ac1 7.2 was fantastic it handled every thing i could throw at it and there was some wicked gusts coming though , the power and speed of theses sails are unbelievable 

i sailed in the morning on my 107 isonic with my MFC 40 kp , great combo 

then in the afternoon i got the 58 speed special out with the MFC 36 kp ,first time on this board and it felt quick ,alot more to come from this board 

the wind was ssw blowing 20 knots gusting 35 knots at times ,by midday the rain came and boy it came my pour wife came to take photos from me and got soaked ,proper soaked , sorry dear 

in a nut shell it was an awesome day dispite the rain and great to be out on weymouth 

lots of folk turned for the forcast pete and zara davis came down for some training and jim crossley was flying 37 knot max :)

until next time 

good speeds all 


Posted 8/21/2013
Stoked to be part of the POINT-7 team , uk rider

really pleased to be part of the point-7 team ,look forward to using my new 2013 ac1 race sails in anger down the speed course .always liked the look of these black sails ,they really do stand out in a crowd .

my first few sessions on them are positive ,like the feel and the power and the set really nice and twist of loads for top end speed :)

just need some good storms to come though now 

Once again a big thanks to POINT-7 and ZEROGRAVITY  the uk importers for surporting me in my quest for speed 

i hope i do you proud 


Posted 6/30/2013
Now riding for GPS Speed Team
I'm pleased to announce that i'm riding for gps speed team?

Matt York : Matt has come on in Leaps and Bounds with a few black eyes and broken booms thrown in for good measure. Matt is one of many (if not all) UK Speedsailors who juggles a full time job and travelling the length and breadth of the country in search of a PB. 2013 saw Matt switch from Simmer sails to Point-7 (those incredible ALL BLACK) sails. Put these super quick sails with Matt's Moo speed board (ex Farrel O'Shea) and you've got a recipe for some big speeds. To view Matt's latest PB's - click here.
Posted 3/12/2013
West Kirby Feb 4th 2013

Posted 2/7/2013
west kirby 4th feb 2013

forcast was looking good for west kirby on monday 4th feb , 30-gusting 50 mph westerly winds but 6 degrees , cold to say the least 

after leaving at 5am i arrived at west kirby marine lake at 8am , jim crossley and pete young where already there , it looked windy and dry ,but cold .still after an hour chatting with mates ,during which a guy was stuggling in the wind to swap his board , so me being me decided to offer my help ,as i bent down to hold the board for him he turned round and the wind lifted the board and smacked me round the face almost knocking me out .....

still i was ok just a sore face ,luckly it was cold so not much swelling 

anyway i rigged a 5.5 simmer scr and got my trusty moo custom board out and headed out to the wall

first run felt great , so nice to be on flat water again , not quite 40 but a respectable 39, next few runs where all over 40 ,just could quite get to 41 knots 

the sun decided to show its self so out came the gopro , first run on camera and i got catapulted over the front snapping my carbon boom in bits :(

next run wernt much better ,over the front again . id had a great session till the camera came out 

finally got settled and did some great runs down the wall , check out the youtube clips above ......

tired and battered i left west kirby about 3 for my 3hr drive home 

great day ,lots of really good sailors there ,ant baker,steve thrope,pete,zara davis , farrel . all the uks best and me :)

Posted 2/5/2013
Wells, Norfolk 9th Dec 2012
New spot for me ,at low tide Wells exposes a channel no wider than a road ,and with a w/wnw wind ,should be great.
An early start for me , 5am left home and arrived at 7:30 am, met up with a few locals, tristan, andy, mungo, to name a few. Good session maxed at 37.5 knots (43mph) the wrong way up the course :) 35knots down it, a great day, tide came in quick and soon the speed strip was gone.
Man of the day was tony burgess with a 39.4 2sec, not bad for a man whos only been speedsailing for less than a year, until next time Wells :)
Posted 12/15/2012
Southend the ray 22/11/2012
Great day at the ray ,Southend with Ian Richards,Jim Crossley and Stephen Squirrel . Forcast was good ,when we first arrived it was barely 7m weather but it soon filled in and was perfect for doing mile runs as it was more southerly ssw.
Got just under 36 knot mile and a 37knot 500m
2 personal pbs for me apart from the walk out southend is awesome
Posted 11/23/2012
For Sale Tabou Manta 54
Tabou Manta 54 speedboard ,74lt , perfect condition 400 ono
Posted 11/20/2012
Fins For Sale
Techtronics f1 22cm - 60
Curtis speed 23cm - 50
Select viper speed 26cm - 40

Posted 11/15/2012
40 Knots

Posted 9/15/2012
Top GPS Runs
Speed (knots)VenueDate
46.92 ktswest kirby 10/01/2015
46.07 ktswest kirby 06/04/2016
45.37 ktswest kirby 30/01/2016
44.5 ktswest kirby19/12/2014
43.91 ktswest kirby19/09/2013
43.37 ktswest kirby 17/08/2014
41.72 ktswest kirby 19/12/2014
40.7 ktsWest Kirby04/02/2013
40.15 ktsWest Kirby14/09/2012
39.29 ktswest kirby 02/07/2016
39.27 ktsWest Kirby 05/12/2011
39.05 ktswells next the sea ,norfolk10/09/2013
38.23 ktsSouthend on Sea22/11/2012
37.98 ktsSouthend on Sea08/06/2012
37.86 ktsSouthend on Sea31/12/2012
37.54 ktsWells next the sea, Norfolk09/12/2012
32.02 ktsportland 16/10/2013

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